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Chief Cloud Architect - 175760

Roseland, NJ 07068
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\u003Cp align=\u0022center\u0022\u003E\u003Cstrong\u003EChief Cloud Architect\u003C/strong\u003E\u003C/p\u003E \u003Cp\u003E\u003Cstrong\u003ELocation: \u003C/strong\u003E1 ADP Blvd., Roseland, NJ 07068\u003C/p\u003E \u003Cp\u003EADP is hiring a \u003Cstrong\u003EChief Cloud Architect\u003C/strong\u003E will be a member of the Enterprise Architecture (EA) team. EA is responsible for developing a technology strategy designing Core Capabilities that will enable ADP to be more secure, agile, resilient, and scalable while reducing technology sprawl enabling ADP to execute on its business strategies. \u003Cstrong\u003EDoes this sound like you?\u003C/strong\u003E\u003C/p\u003E \u003Cul\u003E \u003Cli\u003E\u003Cstrong\u003E\u003Cu\u003EAnalytical mastermind.\u003C/u\u003E\u003C/strong\u003E Examines systems and spots trends that others wouldn\u0027t find.\u003C/li\u003E \u003Cli\u003E\u003Cstrong\u003E\u003Cu\u003ETrusted Advisor.\u003C/u\u003E \u003C/strong\u003EA passion for quality and excellence. Lives integrity and delivers on promises... every time.\u003C/li\u003E \u003Cli\u003E\u003Cstrong\u003E\u003Cu\u003EInsightful strategist\u003C/u\u003E.\u003C/strong\u003E Transforms ideas into action and plans into results.\u003C/li\u003E \u003Cli\u003E\u003Cstrong\u003E\u003Cu\u003ETrailblazer.\u003C/u\u003E \u003C/strong\u003EPassionate about change and shaping the future.\u003C/li\u003E \u003C/ul\u003E \u003Cp\u003EWe believe people make great companies, not the other way around. Our people make all the difference in delivering innovative HR technologies and solutions that help employees all over the world do their jobs better. The result? We\u0027re building the next generation of ADP technologies.\u003C/p\u003E \u003Cp\u003EAs a \u003Cstrong\u003EChief Cloud Architect\u003C/strong\u003E you will be part of a cross functional team with representation from the \u003Cstrong\u003EGlobal Security Organization, Global Infrastructure Organization,\u003C/strong\u003E and the \u003Cstrong\u003EProduct Development Organizations\u003C/strong\u003E forming a \u003Cstrong\u003ECenter of Excellence.\u003C/strong\u003E The goal of the COE is to develop a framework and strategy for cloud adoption achieving the highest reliability, scale, elasticity, and cost optimization for the ADP application portfolio in a hybrid cloud environment. The EA Cloud Architect will ensure that the strategy takes into consideration all aspects: security, maintainability, cost optimization, application suitability, and ecosystem dependencies.\u0026nbsp;\u003C/p\u003E \u003Cp\u003E\u003Cstrong\u003ETHINGS YOU\u0027LL DO:\u003C/strong\u003E\u003C/p\u003E \u003Cul\u003E \u003Cli\u003ECollaborate in the development of a \u003Cstrong\u003ECloud Adoption Framework\u003C/strong\u003E that includes application suitability, optimal cost models, best practices and patterns for cloud adoption, and a curated a catalog of managed services to be leveraged with ADP specific adoption criteria.\u003C/li\u003E \u003Cli\u003EEvaluate the current product portfolio and \u003Cstrong\u003Edevelop a migration strategy\u003C/strong\u003E engaging the application teams to understand their application architecture, business drivers, and application load patterns and create a transition plan for migration.\u003C/li\u003E \u003Cli\u003E\u003Cstrong\u003EEvangelize the benefits of public cloud\u003C/strong\u003E and managed services across ADP using multiple forums and communication techniques\u003C/li\u003E \u003Cli\u003E\u003Cstrong\u003EDemonstrate thought leadership\u003C/strong\u003E in cloud services across multiple channels and become a trusted advisor to senior decision makers within ADP\u003C/li\u003E \u003Cli\u003E\u003Cstrong\u003EDevelop a governance model\u003C/strong\u003E that will provide the appropriate guardrails for applications to be secure while reducing operational risk and cost.\u003C/li\u003E \u003Cli\u003E\u003Cstrong\u003EDevelop and maintain financial models\u003C/strong\u003E for cloud offerings and continually seek cost optimizations and right sizing opportunities.\u003C/li\u003E \u003Cli\u003EWork closely with \u003Cstrong\u003EADP\u0027s Global Security Office (GSO)\u003C/strong\u003E to proactively maintain secure and compliant cloud environments.\u003C/li\u003E \u003Cli\u003EStay current on \u003Cstrong\u003Enew and emerging trends\u003C/strong\u003E in cloud computing and evaluate their potential and adoption criteria for ADP.\u003C/li\u003E \u003Cli\u003E\u003Cstrong\u003EEstablish and run a cloud community\u003C/strong\u003E to communicate and publish relevant architectural artifacts.\u003C/li\u003E \u003C/ul\u003E \u003Cp\u003E\u003Cstrong\u003EEXPERIENCE YOU NEED:\u003C/strong\u003E\u003C/p\u003E \u003Cul\u003E \u003Cli\u003E\u003Cstrong\u003EBS degree\u003C/strong\u003E in Computer Science/Electrical Engineering required; Masters\u0027 degree preferred\u003C/li\u003E \u003Cli\u003EMinimum 10 years experience in design and development of \u003Cstrong\u003Ecomplex distributed applications that leverage microservice architecture, REST APIs, relational and NoSQL data stores.\u003C/strong\u003E\u003C/li\u003E \u003Cli\u003EExperience in \u003Cstrong\u003Etransforming legacy applications\u003C/strong\u003E to modern \u003Cstrong\u003Emicroservice\u003C/strong\u003E \u003Cstrong\u003Earchitectures\u003C/strong\u003E\u003C/li\u003E \u003Cli\u003EProven experience in developing a \u003Cstrong\u003EPublic Cloud Strategy\u003C/strong\u003E at large complex organization with mission critical applications managing large transaction volumes, sensitive data, and financial transactions in a hybrid cloud environment.\u003C/li\u003E \u003Cli\u003EProven experience \u003Cstrong\u003Emigrating legacy applications\u003C/strong\u003E to the public cloud\u003C/li\u003E \u003Cli\u003EExperience leading organizational \u003Cstrong\u003Estrategy\u003C/strong\u003E and change related to migration to cloud environments.\u003C/li\u003E \u003Cli\u003EBroad understanding of \u003Cstrong\u003Eindustry trends\u003C/strong\u003E across software development, architecture, cloud operating platforms, cloud security and data management\u003C/li\u003E \u003Cli\u003EExperience in developing \u003Cstrong\u003EContinuous Delivery\u003C/strong\u003E solutions, preferably employing AWS.\u003C/li\u003E \u003Cli\u003EExperience with technologies such as \u003Cstrong\u003ERDS, Aurora, Lambda Functions, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes. and Queuing Technologies\u003C/strong\u003E\u003C/li\u003E \u003Cli\u003EExperience managing \u003Cstrong\u003Ehybrid cloud infrastructure\u003C/strong\u003E\u003C/li\u003E \u003Cli\u003EExperience in \u003Cstrong\u003ESoftware Defined Networks (SDN)\u003C/strong\u003E including the design and automation of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) , Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Function as a Service (FaaS) capabilities including virtual networks, virtual machines, and managed services.\u003C/li\u003E \u003Cli\u003EExperience building \u003Cstrong\u003Escaled out infrastructure\u003C/strong\u003E on public clouds like AWS, Google, Azure, etc...\u003C/li\u003E \u003Cli\u003EAbility to deliver results in a short time and experience working in fast paced high growth tech companies.\u003C/li\u003E \u003Cli\u003EProven ability to pull a diverse group of individuals with different goals together to facilitate, moderate, and influence productive discussions driving towards results.\u003C/li\u003E \u003Cli\u003EAbility to be a team player, working effectively with positive cooperation.\u003C/li\u003E \u003Cli\u003EAbility to communicate, both internally and externally, in an effective, timely professional and courteous manner.\u003C/li\u003E \u003C/ul\u003E \u003CP\u003E\u003Cdiv\u003E \u003Cp\u003E\u003Cstrong\u003EHOW YOU\u0027LL STAND OUT\u003C/strong\u003E\u003C/p\u003E \u003Cul\u003E \u003Cli\u003E\u003Cstrong\u003ELeadership\u003C/strong\u003E: not only at the management level, but at the individual level -- having the confidence and resilience to take risks -- be self-empowered.\u003C/li\u003E \u003Cli\u003E\u003Cstrong\u003ECommunication\u003C/strong\u003E: understand and express ideas/solutions in a comprehensive and practical format. Ability to communicate complex concepts to the Executive Committee as well as deep technical discussions with the Architecture/Development community.\u003C/li\u003E \u003Cli\u003E\u003Cstrong\u003EUser Focus\u003C/strong\u003E: an absolute focus on the user (internal or external) experience -- every aspect of a solution should be productized for ease of use.\u003C/li\u003E \u003Cli\u003E\u003Cstrong\u003EImprovisation\u003C/strong\u003E: the ability to think across disciplines and existing boundaries (technologies/business/geographies) - lateral thinking.\u003C/li\u003E \u003Cli\u003E\u003Cstrong\u003ECollaboration\u003C/strong\u003E: teamwork with a positive approach to ambiguity.\u003C/li\u003E \u003Cli\u003E\u003Cstrong\u003EResearch\u003C/strong\u003E: an inclination to continuous research inside and outside the current focus fields.\u003C/li\u003E \u003Cli\u003E\u003Cstrong\u003EInfluence by example\u003C/strong\u003E: scientific proof of an idea (success or failure) as the presentation tool -- represent an idea in order to promote it.\u003C/li\u003E \u003Cli\u003E\u003Cstrong\u003ETechnical Knowledge\u003C/strong\u003E: broad and deep technical knowledge with a strong focus on cloud computing.\u003C/li\u003E \u003Cli\u003E\u003Cstrong\u003EAbstract Thinking\u003C/strong\u003E: view of ideas and solutions as abstractions/patterns that can be leveraged/adapted/reused -- deliver frameworks instead of point solutions.\u003C/li\u003E \u003Cli\u003E\u003Cstrong\u003EPassion\u003C/strong\u003E: A need to be \u0026quot;passionate\u0026quot; about producing exceptional solutions in a collaborative environment (e.g., Agile methodology preferred). Must always be curious and excited to try new technologies.\u003C/li\u003E \u003C/ul\u003E \u003C/div\u003E \u003Cdiv\u003E_________________________\u003C/div\u003E \u003Cdiv\u003EReq 175760\u003C/div\u003E \u003Cdiv\u003E#LITECH\u003C/div\u003E \u003Cdiv\u003E#LI-JT1\u003C/div\u003E\u003C/P\u003E \u003CP\u003EWe\u0027re designing a better way to work, so you can achieve what you\u0027re working for. Consistently named one of the \u0027Most Admired Companies\u0027 by FORTUNE\u00AE Magazine, and recognized by DiversityInc\u00AE as one of the \u0027Top 50 Companies for Diversity,\u0027 ADP works with more than 740,000 organizations across the globe to help their people work smarter, embrace new challenges, and unleash their talent. \u0022Always Designing for People\u0022 means we\u0027re creating platforms that will transform how great work gets done, so together we can unlock a world of opportunity.\u003C/P\u003E \u003CP\u003EAt ADP, we believe that diversity fuels innovation. ADP is committed to equal employment opportunities regardless of race, color, genetic information, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, lawful alien status, national origin, age, marital status, or protected veteran status. We support an inclusive workplace where associates excel based on personal merit, qualifications, experience, ability, and job performance.\u003C/P\u003E

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Chief Cloud Architect - 175760

Roseland, NJ 07068

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